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  • Promotion! Part 2

    So the field of eight got whittled down to two candidates.  Next steps… We would have to interview with the CFO (the overarching head of our department) and with some of the managers in the merged department we would be supporting. Once again, I used my time-tested preparation methods.  Clear your head and just go […]

  • Promotion! Part 1

    A few weeks ago a new manager position in my department (Reporting) was announced.  This new manager would be overseeing the Reporting team that would support a new department that was created when two others were merged together.  Being in a support role when two cultures are being merged is never easy.  Lots of shifting […]

  • Update for the Peoples!

    It’s been two weeks since I started working at ye olde online retailer.  Things are going well.  Everyone I work with has been super nice.  My boss is great. These first two weeks have been about learning their database.  I only started to do “real” work late last week.  It’s 100% straight up SQL, no […]

  • On Choosing

    Today I made a choice.  I decided to take a job at instead of One on One. I’m super duper excited about the new job. Who wouldn’t be. I would have been excited about either job, really. Let’s break it down a little… Overstock offered slightly more money and better benefits. Overstock is closer […]

  • Job Search

    Here’s a list of places I’ve looked since the layoff on Aug 18th. University of Utah State and Local governments At this point, I’ve sent out over 60 resumés. Of those, where do you think I got a response back for an interview? One from an ad by a small […]

  • Fairytales with not so good endings…

    Originally published at Kickin’ the new Kuh-nowledge. You can comment here or there. OK. So sometimes fairytales have not so good endings. Remember my last post where I said all was well and good in the world. Well… something happened on the way to happily everafter. Yesterday morning I received a call from my boss. […]

  • Massive Update!

    Originally published at Kickin’ the new Kuh-nowledge. You can comment here or there. Well, it’s been like 5 months since I had enough time to think, much less post anything substantive to the good olde series of tubes more commonly known as the internets.  Well, I lot has happened in that 5 months.  Here’s a […]

  • Well, this sucks!

    Originally published at Kickin’ the new Kuh-nowledge. You can comment here or there. My sister, Angel, received notice from her employer.  She will not have a job after December 31st. If you know of a company in the Jacksonville, FL area that happens to be hiring…  let me know. Love, –sam

  • Insert Pithy Title Combining Pitchfork and Thailand HERE…

    A couple of things… First, today is my birthday… and my present to myself is the Pitchfork Music Festival which happens this weekend.  Gus is coming down from Minneapolis.  We’re manly men, staying at a bed and breakfast.  That’s right.  If you don’t start something, there won’t be something.  Expect a report on this next […]