3rd Party Adventure Paths and Campaigns for 5e D&D
NameStarting LevelEnding LevelNotesPublisher
Adventurers Guide to the Bible110The campaign runs parallel to the events of the Bible, so the party will constantly be encountering people and places that may be familiar from Bible stories, but the story unfolds in a way that allows the players to tell a story that is all their own!Red Panda Publishing
Adventures in Myrr120The heroes begin by facing the infamous Wyld Gang, minor players in a much larger scheme. As the story unfolds, the party must come face-to-face with rogues, evil nobles, assassins, dragons, vampires, dark knights, and devils. Eventually the heroes must deal with the full might of the evil Alliance faction. Cawood Publishing
Adventures in Zeitgeist320Times are turning. The skyseers – Risurs folk prophets since their homeland’s birth – witness omens in the starry wheels of heaven, and they warn that a new age is nigh. But what they cannot foresee, hidden beyond the steam and soot of the night sky, is the face of this coming era, the spirit of the age. The zeitgeist.EN Publishing
Aegis of Empires117Strange things are afoot in a ramshackle house in the back streets of Eber, but the heroes who pull that first thread will find murder, mayhem, monsters, mystery, and magic aplenty in this massive adventure series from award-winning author Greg A. Vaughan and his talented team! Eldritch tomes hold ancient secrets better left forgotten, as sinister cults, secret guilds, and malevolent masterminds weave a continent-spanning conspiracy that threatens doom for all.Legendary Games
Asatania18Welcome to the clash of civilizations, as a powerful and aggressive invader overruns your ancient homeland. Any hopes for a quiet, simple, life are dashed as you are thrust into the middle of the conflict, prepared or not.Fantastic Reality
Banners of Honor110Kickstarter. Explore the Kingdom of Kiral with this adventure full of castles, dungeons, and unique environments. Build your reputation and influence among the factions playing for power in Kiral and decide the fate of the kingdom!Kefa Studios
Barrowmaze120Megadungeon. Local villagers whisper of a mysterious place deep in the marsh – a place shrouded in mist and dotted with barrow mounds, ruined columns, and standing stones. The tomb-robbers who explore beneath the mounds – or rather the few who return – tell tales of labyrinthine passages, magnificent grave goods, and terrifying creatures waiting in the dark. Are you brave (or foolish) enough to enter the Barrowmaze?Greg Gillespie
Bluetspur110Kickstarter. This place confuses the mind and befuddles the senses. Everything smells of burnt ozone and rot.

As you walk forward you realize you’ve been here before the scars on your body tingle with memories unknown. Can you reclaim your memories and your sanity? Or will This place turn you to its twisted ends once more?
Bill Dow
Cairn Breagh112A dark fantasy mystery in a gothic highlands setting, done in the style of the Brothers Grimm, Lovecraft, and Sherlock Holmes…Media Stream Press
Call from the Deep112After crash-landing onto the Material Plane, a strange, otherworldly ship brings with it an unexpected wave of piracy, hideous creatures from the bottom of the Trackless Sea, and a notorious foe who has been awakened from the deep, intent on destroying the world as you know it.DMs Guild
Castle Dracula313Dracula, the Lord of Shadow and Darkness, has covered the land in shadow and dispatched armies of monsters and undead from his magical castle.  His armies threaten to overrun major cities and plunge the world into a literal Dark Age.  The last of the vampire-hunting clan that traditionally opposed him has disappeared, and still the armies advance.  He must be stopped.  If that’s not enough motivation, it is well-known that his castle is full of magical items and great riches… but also great danger.DMs Guild
Castle of the Mad Archmage115Megadungeon. The legendary megadungeon is here at last for Fifth Edition! More than thirteen levels and over 1,500 keyed encounters of perils, monsters, traps, and treasure to bedevil your players.BRW Games
Chronicles of Keranow120The party are travelling to the new frontier to help return an ancient Duchy to its former glory. A chance encounter with the legendary ‘Arisen Knight’, a very old hero, sets them on a path to adventure.John R Davis
Circle of the Blood Moon18The road through Tegan’s Bridge is not safe anymore.

The small village of Teganhsire is in disarray as the workers sent to repair the bridge never came back to town, and rumors spread that a monster has killed them all. Hired PCs investigate the situation but find themselves thrown into a maelstrom of druidic intrigue and repercussions of an old feud between the village and forest spirits.
Griffon Lore Games
City of Brass118+Good folk have vanished. Those who were once disparaged and forgotten now wield power unlike anything seen before. Rulers and sages turn a blind eye to the disturbing events unfolding around them. In every corner of the Lost Lands, the Cult of the Veiled One spreads unchecked.Frog God Games
Convergence Manifesto18+Take a literal leap of faith into Sharn’s industrial underworld. Will you fight for warforged rights?
DMs Guild
Crown of the Oathbreaker115The story is set in the Kingdom of Aglarion, where the characters will uncover dark secrets from the past of a royal family after the fall of a blessed era and break a curse that plagues the kingdom.Elder Brain
Cult of the Hydra110This campaign follows the characters through their investigation of the Apprentice Abduction, a dangerous scheme carried out by enemies of Azalon in an attempt to overthrow him, and seize control of the city of Sorceria.DMs Guild
Dark Obelisk120Berinncorte is a typical, medium-sized medieval fantasy village. It’s a wonderful place to live, work, and explore, either as a citizen, or as an adventurer passing through town.

One day, the entire city is thrown into chaos as a cataclysmic explosion destroys much of Town Square. A purplish-black crystal of bizarre design erupts from the aftermath, and hordes of chaotic, evil, and undead monsters wade out of the obsidian depths beneath it. A third of the townsfolk are slain in the eruption and the first few minutes of monsters emerging.
Infinium Game Studio
Dark Worlds115For Cthulhu Mythos Setting. You and your friends become unwitting pawns caught up in the blunders of a mad ruler. His insane attempt to curry favor with the dread Fungi from Yuggoth results in your being teleported across space to the nightmare world of Yuggoth. The ritual keeps you alive … for now. But how long will its effects last?Petersen Games
Decimation of Delimbiyr Vale17The decimation of Delimbiyr Vale began when a rakshasa tricked a Tempus priest into opening a gateway to the Nine Hells. This event led to the Red Wizards of Thay attempting an all-out invasion of Faerûn. Ultimately, the Red Wizards failed, their sudden defeat coming at the hands of a coordinated attack by a vast number of adventuring parties. In the tendays that followed, the denizens of the vale celebrated and feasted, nescient that one shadowy fiend remained, forgotten even by the Thay…DMs Guild
Deicide120The Gods have abandoned Faerûn. Bringing loved ones back from the dead hasn’t been done in centuries, and communion with the deities is a spiritual exercise only. Holy warriors and messengers have lost their powers and have all but completely disappeared. In this bleak world, wars are frequent, crime runs rampant, and hope has faded. Rumours are abound of a mysterious crime lord taking control of the underworld. Monsters roam the lands and every road is increasingly more dangerous. Without guidance, the many civilizations of this world are plagued by greed and corruption. The only way forward is to bring the Gods back, or to take their place in the heavens.DMs Guild
Depths of Fel Kor110Megadungeon. Depths of Felk Mor is a superdungon campaign designed for use in the 5th edition version of the world’s more popular RPG, taking characters from level 1 all the way up to level 10. It is intended to bring an old school flavor to a modern edition, both in content design and visual appeal. Izegrim Creations
Doomed Forgotten Realms120Link is to the Gazetteer. Doomed Forgotten Realms: Sword Coast Gazetteer reimagines the Forgotten Realms as a world where every worst-case scenario became reality. The demons claimed the Underdark, Baldur’s Gate was dragged into the Nine Hells, Auril froze all of Icewind Dale, and dragon cults summoned Tiamat to rain down terror. DMs Guild
Dragon Relics112When a cloud giant castle comes tumbling from the sky right into the characters’ path, they are confronted with the horrifying realisation that an ancient blue dragon named Rah-Ziel the Devourer has woken from his centuries of slumber, and is making his presence known once again in Faerûn.

After Hrungnir, king of the cloud giants reaches out to the characters for assistance, they are tasked with tracking down four dragon relics – powerful items made from the bones of a bronze dragon that are the Realms’ only hope to defeat Rah-Ziel.
DMs Guild
Dreadful Realms: Caverns of the Wise Minister111Kickstarter. In Caverns, you play denizens of the city of Sepulchre, descendants of those plucked from their homes on the surface, trying to forge a new life in the darkness of the Underworld. If you’re clever, quick, and fortunate, and you live long enough to find your niche, you might learn how you got here. Maybe you’ll even set things right.Ex Stasis Games
Dream of the Red Wizards120DDAL Season. Szass Tam arrives in Xorvintroth! Just as you were about to secure victory, the Regent of Thay
is poised to turn things back in his favor. However, if Szass Tam is there to set things right, that
means he’s out in the open, and the rebel Zulkir Dar’lon Ma has a plan!
DMG: Adventurers League
Dungeons of Drakkenheim113Fifteen years ago, Drakkenheim was destroyed by an eldritch storm of falling stars. Now, the city is a dismal urban wasteland contaminated by otherworldly magic and haunted by hideous monsters. Fantastic wealth, lost knowledge, and powerful artefacts lie ready for the taking by adventurers brave or foolish enough to venture into the ruins!Ghostfire Gaming
Dwarrowdeep115Megadungeon. Gundgathol lies in ruin. Over 250 years ago, an evil host rose from the underdark and pushed the dwarves out of their ancestral mountains. Since that time, orcs and worse have defiled their sacred halls. In recent days, the high dwarven clerics cast their runestones and read the portents: the time has come to retake Gundgathol. Are you brave (or fooloish) enough to enter Dwarrowdeep?Greg Gillespie
Embers of the Last War110DDAL Season for Eberron. Sharn, City of Towers. They reach into the sky like the stone fingers of civilization that they are. They hold secrets and promises, and break the same just as quickly as they make new ones. You’ve got an opportunity to make a little coin by assisting with an expedition for Morgrave University; this should be easy money and not a lot of trouble… right?DMs Guild
Empire of the Ghouls113Citizens of the free city of Zobeck are going missing! Catacombs beneath the streets may provide answers, but what lurks in them may not enjoy company…

Who will uncover and stop the foul and ghoulish workings? Will your adventurers have the fortitude and ambition—or the greed and cunning—it takes to put a stop to them?
Kobold Press
Fables: Agents of the Empire113Available only via Fables subscription.

Agents of the Empire is a story where you play as secret agents protecting the Karelagne Empire from shadowy threats and diabolical villains.
The Empire is seen as a godsend by most of its citizens. Its formation ended years of bloodshed. The arrival of magical aetherium has given rise to remarkable magitech advancements such as aetherium-powered ships, arcane trains, and wondrous flying machines. It’s a land where magic and technology are newly fused in dangerous but remarkable ways.
Ghostfire Gaming
Fables: Citadel of the Unseen Sun113Grim Hollow setting. Available only via Fables subscription.

This first Fable, titled Citadel of the Unseen Sun, is an episodic story where each episode brings the characters one step closer to uncovering the secrets of the Darkfall—a magical cataclysm which cast the lands of Soma into unending darkness and permitted vampires to claim eternal dominion over Ostoya.
Ghostfire Gaming
Fables: Pirates of the Aetherial Expanse113Available only via Fables subscription.

“Floating in the endless void of the Astral Plane is a sea of silver starlight, a vast expanse of aetherial liquid that shimmers as comets shoot through its surface. The Astral Plane is the plane between planes, and portals to these manifold realms tear themselves open and seal themselves shut as if guided by an unseen will. Upon this Aetherial Expanse, a story of sails, cannons, empires, and high piracy is set. Two great powers fight over the Aetherial Expanse: the Kingdom of Ayris and the Karelagne Empire. Both hail from different worlds on the Material Plane, and see the expanse as a land of untapped riches and a means of infinite expansion. The Karelagne Navy’s mighty ships strike fear into the hearts of all, and the privateers employed by the ruthless merchants of the Kingdom of Ayris will stoop to any level to ensure they’re well paid.”
Ghostfire Gaming
Fortress of the Ur-Mage310Megadungeon. Fortress of the Ur-Mage is a tournament deathtrap dungeon for the 5th Edition of DUNGEONS & DRAGONS roleplaying game, taking characters from 3rd Level to 10th. It features a competitive head-to-head mode, where multiple parties delve the dungeon at the same time. Competing bands of crusaders can hinder each other by stealing relics, laying traps, freeing monsters, and manipulating the dungeon environment itself.DDE Adventures
Freyja’s Tears120For the Svilland Campaign Setting. The adventure takes place in Svilland. It begins near a lake called Freyja’s Tear in Alsvartr, moves on to the northwest of Svilland, Gurbolruhm, and ends in the depths of Helheim. The adventurers wander around the map, discover many areas and face many dangers, including monsters, social conflicts, harsh weather conditions, and wars.Dream Realm Storytellers
Ghoul Island115For Cthulhu Mythos setting. Ghoul Island is the first campaign adventure for Sandy Petersen’s Cthulhu Mythos and can
be easily introduced into any fantasy setting. This first act (of four), Voyage to Farzeen,
begins with a mutiny and ends in underground tunnels where our adventurers discover an
ancient temple dedicated to a horror thought to have been vanquished long ago!
Petersen Games
Harper’s Tale110Harper’s Tale is a forest-based adventure path of 10 connected adventures culminating in the party, now 10th level, confronting the source of the plague within their home land. The adventure is intended for players as young as 10, but I promise players of all ages will find plenty to keep them engaged with the story.Saturday Morning Scenarios
Harvester of Worlds120Save your world from an army that descended from the sky!

Your world has been at war with a conquering alien race for the past ten years. The adventuring party are all displaced refugees seeking a safe place.

Little do they know they are about to discover a way to save their world from the invaders, but completing this mission will require them to venture far beyond their own world, into the vast reaches of Wildspace!
DMs Guild
Have You Found It?115For Cthulhu Mythos setting. A cursed play from an infamous playwright sows disaster wherever it appears. It has surfaced in the ancient city of Tiarazan to spread its malignant influence like the plague. Enemies seen and unseen oppose the characters and seek to forever change Tiarazan.Petersen Games
Heart of St Bathus312Kickstarter. Long ago, a bold paladin sought the same glory as his celebrated ancestors, but in a moment of weakness he gave up his own soul in exchange for success in battle. He now lies suspended between life and death, and his soul is lost. It’s up to the adventurers to find it and redeem a fallen paladin while facing the wrath of a powerful demon lord in the process.Frog God Games
Heckna!110The sounds of revelry drift through the dark, cold forest, drawing wayward travelers to a place where the senses are delightfully and bewilderingly overwhelmed. Peering out from the top of the conifers is the blood-red spire of The Revelia, where wonder and fun awaits!

But underneath the sparkling lights and gleaming facade is a sinister underbelly of chaos and terror. The magical Revelia is the work of Heckna, a creative mastermind masquerading as a jovial ringleader. Some, however, are aware of Heckna’s ruse, including a hunter who will stop at nothing to dispatch Heckna — and destroy The Revelia — once and for all.
Hit Point Press
HighFell: The Drifting Dungeon110+Megadungeon. Local villagers call for aid! An eerie green light appeared atop the Dwimmerhorn Mountain. The light came from HighFell – the ruins of an ancient wizard school. The infernal blaze grew until a great explosion rocked the mountain. Like a massive floating island, HighFell pulled away from the mountaintop and now slowly drfits across The Great Salt Reach. What happened to HighFell? Why does it float eerily across the landscape? Are you brave (or foolish) enough to explore the ruins of HighFell: The Drifting Dungeon?Greg Gillespie
Historica Arcanum: The City of Crescent110Historica Arcanum is an Alternate History Setting for the 5th Edition. A world where occult secrets hide within the dusty tomes of history. The City of Crescent takes place in the 19th Century Istanbul – the Imperial crossroads of continents and cultures. Within the story, you will dungeon crawl through real landmarks, and meet and fight alongside real historical figures residing in the Eternal City of Istanbul.Metis Media
Into the Wode19Into the Wode is an adventure influenced by classic tales of Fey creatures, and builds on some of the existing lore of the Feywild. Set in the far north of Faerûn during a bleak winter, the party will encounter a series of mysterious events that draw them deeper into a plan hatched by the Hags that live in a nearby forest. They will travel across the mountains of the North, into the Forges of Ironslag, and then into the Feywild itself in search of answers. While many Fey are opposed to harming mortals, some of the creatures encountered here have no such qualms!DMs Guild
Into the Wonderland814Combine with WotC’s Wild Beyond the Witchlight for the first 8 levels.

This book provides player options, encounters, variant rules, and a campaign of expeditions into the unknown centred around the city of Endercoast that has been spirited away from the Material Plane. To survive, you’ll need to balance the needs of the displaced city with the mercurial whims of four powerful archfey.
DMs Guild
Jewel of the Indigo Isles111Prepare to set sail for the Indigo Isles! Mysteries abound in the pirate town of Rumplank, but none is as well known as the legend of Poppy von Barnacle’s lost treasure. Includes three standalone adventures combined into a single volume Roll for Combat
Journey to Ragnarok115Journey To Ragnarok is an adventure and setting module for characters of level 1st to 15th, inspired by Norse myths and legends, compatible with 5th Edition.

It is a captivating adventure that will lead the Heroes from Midgardr through the Nine Worlds.

In an epic journey, the fate of men will be tied to that of the gods, until the final moment, the Ragnarok.
Mana Project Studio
Karthax – The Living Tower28Megadungeon. Karthax – The Living Tower is a 5e Compatible dungeon delve where players explore multiple floors, each with unique challenges and roleplaying. Starting at 2nd level and progressing to 8th level, each floor within The Living Tower is progressively more difficult and contains unique monsters and non-player characters that are fully illustrated, with backgrounds and tips for Game Masters on how to run these denizens of the tower.Grim Press
Kingmaker120Conversion, requires original Pathfinder adventure.

The Stolen Lands have long been the domain of bandits and monsters, but no longer! Your party has been granted a charter to explore these wilds, defeat its dangers, and build a brand new nation. Yet not everyone will welcome you as new neighbors, and powerful supernatural forces have their own plans for the region. Can you defeat your kingdom’s enemies and become leaders of one of the greatest new nations in the world?
Knights of Sol: Land of Anor110+Deep in the centre of the earth a creature of utter darkness awakes, the magic barrier that imprisoned the Void Father has cracked, after thousands of years it is time for the next harvest.

Can and will the player characters fulfill the unknown plan of the Archangel of Sol? A plan that does not come with the god Sol’s blessing… can the Iron Dragon beat the players to the items they seek?… will the players accept an alliance with the Bone King?…
Ranger Reese
Knights of the Shadow Realm120Conflict is growing on the outset of the kingdom of Kalorr but something far worse is happening inside the city walls. Reports of children going missing from the slums has started to spread. Many believe they are looking to join the conflict, other believe they have simply run away, but something far worse is at play here. Investigating the disappearance of a recently missing child finds a trail of clues that threads together a sinister plot. World of Game Design
Labor of the Dragon God120You have arrived at the flowered gates of Khor, the Spring Citadel, a city of danger and beauty, piety and sin, nobility and poverty. This city has recently thrown open its gates to the rest of the continent of Faerûn, inviting foreigners to explore the winding streets and view the beautiful spring blooms.

However, tourists aren’t the only visitors to come to this land of dragons and danger. Adventurers have arrived… as well as those they hunt.
DMs Guild
Legacy of Zandrax19Bestowed a cursed gift by a dying beholder, a novice party’s quest to rid themselves of both the item and the demon it summons will take them into ancient and forgotten sites above and beneath the earth and ultimately into the heart of a subterranean civil war. DMs Guild
Legacy’s Wake117On Rooftops and Rope Bridges
Explore the City of Skyfall in the way it was meant to be seen: scuttling over rooftops, sprinting across rope bridges, and leaping across ship’s rigging with only your wit and skill keeping you from losing your fortune in the dark waters below.
Mithrilpunk Press
Legendary Planet120+he Legendary Planet Adventure Path is a spectacular 5th Edition sword-and-planet saga from Legendary Games blending sci-fi and fantasy, magic and machines with an exciting pulp sensibility and styleLegendary Games
Litany of Arrows1??Only 3 Parts So Far for levels 1-4.

The ruins of a flying castle teeming with goblins is heading to the peaceful village of Barrowmist. It is up to the heroes to get up there and stop it before the castle lands in the village and chaos ensues.

The group will enter into the ancient struggle between elves and orcs. Not only can they claim the ruins as their home, but the heroes will be asked to go on a quest to repair the castle and use it to find the Misty Isle, a legendary elven realm stolen by Gruumsh, god of the orcs.
DMs Guild
Lore of Aetherra: Dark Symmetry110Kickstarter. Facing condemnation from Queen Lillius for violating the Mother Tree’s sanctity, you must prove your worth or escape the Queen’s wrath. Along the way, you’ll unravel the cities mysteries and learn the truth behind Gilgazo’s abduction and Lillius’s grim plan through open-world, cinematic gameplay.Hit Point Press
Lore of Aetherra: The Lost Druid120Fano. Things here haven’t always been so grim. Time and chance have conspired to transform this once magnificent city upon the lake into a run-down sanctum for the destitute and depraved alike. Those who would see Fano renewed seek a lost druid who brings with him the hope to restore the city to its former glory and awaken the ancient technology hidden deep within its constructs. Could Fano’s awakening usher in a new era of peace and prosperity, or will it unearth a conspiracy lurking in the shadows?Hit Point Press
Lost City of Gaxmoor110Megadungeon. The sun sinks slowly over the desolation of the ancient and once grand Empire. In the distance, just upon the slopes of a broad cliff, lie the ruins of a city. Her alabaster walls wind their way along the rocky mesa, guarding buildings both fair and ruined. It was a great city in its day, now long since fallen to the ravages of time and war. Long ago she stood as a shining doorway to the east, a place for rest and restocking of provisions for those on the long trek into the wild lands of the barbaric frontier in the Western Empire. But all that is past for this, the ruins of the Lost City of Gaxmoor.Troll Lord Games
Mansion in the Multiverse120Can you win the Ultimate Prize of Immortality?

You read that right. Lord Erebus has decided to give away the deed to his magical mansion floating in the multiverse to the best contestant in his dangerous game. Compete in a reality-TV style adventure, with plotting, betrayal, points to be earned, and a leaderboard! The winner at the end of the competition gets the deed to the mansion, which conveys immortality upon its owner!
Media Stream Press
Masks of Theros111In ages long past, when mortals prayed the gods to life, Erebos the Shadow had two lovers. Ainoe was the goddess of the doom that awaits all empires, the end of magic, and the grind of time. Elpis was the god of repose at the end of grueling journeys, the spark from which magic blooms, and wayward souls coming home. When Ainoe and Elpis fell in the war against the Titans, grieving Erebos shaped their visages into memorial masks.

Now the warlady Calisto has the Ainoe Mask, and seeks the shattered pieces of the Elpis Mask. With the power of two gods’ death masks, she will conquer Theros – unless a group of heroes prove mighty enough to oppose her.
DMs Guild
Midnight Tower Adventure Trilogies112Works if you use all 4 trilogies together.

After a long journey through autumn-clad mountains, you have finally arrived to Buckbridge. The isolated village is surrounded by untamed wilderness that is filled with ferocious beasts and other dangerous creatures that are better left alone.

But the remote village is under threat – and the people in Buckbridge urgently need your aid.

Enter the wild and search for Queen Freja Swiftsteel’s long-lost tomb.
Frost wolves, ancient dwarven secrets, and exciting adventures await!
Midnight Tower
Mirrored Thrones111A group of disparate heroes have been brought together to decide the fate of the city of Neverwinter. This is a tale of battle and intrigue. The heroes must learn who they can trust as they stir events that will bring the city to a turning point. Who is the new Lord Protector of Neverwinter? Are the tales of deception, corruption, and assassination true? As for the rebels that toil against the Lord Protector, who is their leader, she who seems to have entered the stage from nowhere? Only the heroes, caught in this roiling sea of masked truths, can put things to rest in Neverwinter.
DMs Guild
Mists of Akuma312War brews beneath the emperor’s notice, nature convulses as unholy demons bring woe to entire prefectures, and hobgoblin mercenaries wearing powerful machine armor march in greater numbers than ever before.

Will you rise to save the empire or is Soburin destined for destruction?
Storm Bunny Studios
Moonshaes Aflame111+Taken by slavers, a group of adventurers have to free themselves on their way to the island realms of Moonshae. How far will each member go in order to get back to the life they knew? Or will they instead be changed by their harsh fate and embrace the power that can grant them revenge. The fate of the Moonshae Isles rests in the decisions each adventurer makes as they struggle to turn their fate around!DMs Guild
Odyssey of the Dragonlords115+Join with other prophesied heroes to under take an epic quest to save the world of Thylea, sail the islands of the Forgotten Sea, and battle the Titans!Modiphius Entertainment
Path of the Vanished110It has been 50 years since the purple-sailed ships terrorized the coasts; however, they have returned, and this time they have become more ruthless and horrifically efficient. Entire villages disappear in a single night; no survivor nor corpse has been recovered. Darker still is the purpose that drives these new Raiders as those that they captured do not appear in any of the black markets, near or far. A brave group of adventurers managed to defeat the Raiders in the past, and such a group must be summoned to follow the Path of the Vanished!
Pacesetter Games
Phantasms of Sri Raji1320The thematic sequel to Curse of Strahd that you’ve been waiting for is here! Phantasms of Sri Raji takes PCs from levels 13-15 all the way up through level 20, pitting them against a rakshasa lord, tasking them with escaping the prison that is his ironic punishment.

THRILLING ADVENTURES: Participate in a heist and a burglary! Solve an escape room with a ghost! Get shrunk down to a tiny size and face undead insects! Brave a hedge maze, followed by a maze of mirrors! Face a villain who moves about his palace, rather than waiting for you to come and fight him!
DMs Guild
Phaya Nayak: The Deep010From humble beginnings your party must escape or perish in the dungeons of Durgesh prison. Survive and go on to the epic battles and mysteries in the lands of Phaya Nak! Tomorrow River Games
Raiders of the Serpent Sea118+Centuries ago, upon a vast, beautiful, and wondrous world, a horde of vile beings known as the Yoten destroyed the heroic Vanir. The survivors fled to a new world, Grimnir. Vast and inhospitable, many died in the early years. Yet, it was a place to rebuild.

Generations have passed but the memory of the old world’s death is never forgotten. Their descendants, the raiders, are ever vigilant and watch for the Yoten’s return. You are one such hero destined by fate to bear witness to Grimnir’s destruction–and perhaps fated to finally break your people free of the cycle of destruction and rebirth known as Ragnarök.
Modiphius Entertainment
Rappan Athuk120Megadungeon. The Dungeon of Graves is nothing more and nothing less than a good, old–fashioned, First Edition dungeon crawl updated for the 5th Edition Roleplaying Game. Very difficult, it should strike fear into the hearts of the most stalwart adventurers. It offers an abundance of traps, tricks, and monsters. We hope that you find this module as fun and exciting as those thousands of players who have ventured into (and not as often out of) the endless caverns and mazes of Rappan Athuk—The Dungeon of Graves. Rappan Athuk is a difficult dungeon. Even the upper dungeon levels should not be attempted by a party of less than six mid-level characters.Frog God Games
Red Star Rising19Definitely the most expensive adventure path out there. Only 5 parts so far for levesl 1-5. Supposed to wrap up with 9.

The Darkest Dream begins the epic tale of a group of Hanataz youth who are charged with working security for the last Carnivalle of the season. The Hanataz are the Traveling Folk of the world of Zyathé and are an ostracized people due to the many Blood-Touched members of their troupes. But while the Traveling Folk are not welcome in most towns and villages, the shows they put on are enjoyed by many. However, this is no ordinary Carnivalle. Horrid and vile schemes are afoot. An ancient foe plots deadly revenge.
Gooey Cube
Relics of Gods18Now, there appear to be two unconnected threats in the foothills of the Cloud Peaks Mountains. In Quillford, there have been strange animal attacks. Seemingly unrelated, there are unexplained areas of poison and disease near the village of Skiepdjip. The trees are turning dark and withering; their leaves covered with a smelly dark slime, as they fail. Farmers’ fields and livestock are suffering the same fate, and the farmers are growing fearful.

If this evil is not stopped, the region will descend into chaos.
DMs Guild
Reunification of Alaron110Combine with Pearl Chronicles for Tier 1

As the goblin hordes descend upon Caer Callidyrr, the town prepares for a siege that could last for weeks, if not months. In the midst of the chaos, a small band of adventurers emerge as the town’s last hope. Will they be able to hold out against the goblin onslaught and save the people of Caer Callidyrr? Join the fight and find out in this thrilling adventure filled with danger, excitement, and heroism.
DMs Guild
Right of Passage110The adventure is written in four parts, each one building on the previous. Part One deals mainly with the city as a whole as the players learn about the city and its residents, gain some valuable experience performing minor (or major)tasks, and generally exploring the area. Part Two allows the players to get as involved in local politics as they wish, hiring on to assist one or more (or even none) of the major ploitical players in the city with tasks they wish to see completed. These tasks allow for a reputation system to increase or decrease reuptation with certain people depending on the suucess or failure of a task. Part Three sees the players baording a ship bound for distant shores while they experience all the joys and pains of sea travel – the weather, the food, the piracy, and more. There might even be a dragon in their future if they are not careful. Finally, Part Four allows the players to experience a mine that has been plagued by an unknown nuisance as both the miners and those that sought to remove the miners forcefully are caught in its wake of blood. The players can choose to side with various factions, or none at all, to the inevitable conclusion of the adventure.Leave the Silver
Rise of the Drow115+Tonight, a ceremony of light is taking place on the surface.

Meanwhile, a world away in the city of spiders, a drow matron solidifies a pact with soul-consuming entities who require great sacrifices in trade for unimaginable power. Drow eyes turn to the surface.
Adventure A Week
Rise of the Genie Lords115A thousand miles south of Waterdeep lies the country of Calimshan. It is a harsh land that has been heavily scarred by magic and warfare.

It is in these lands that the genies established their empires. Though these empires have since fallen to humans, the time has come for the genies to try and take back what was once theirs.
DMs Guild
Rise of the Nefarious18Tales of an abandoned keep where elite adventurers trained have caught your attention.
After setting out to investigate, you have discovered a strange cult has also taken an interest in the keep.
But the keep is only the beginning – somewhere in the nearby mountains lies an ancient city.
A city that is awakening from a deep slumber.
Pacesetter Games
Sanguine Tide19As Neverwinter has steadily recovered from the cataclysmic tear which ran throughout the south eastern city districts, many factions and individuals have flocked to the city to try to establish a foothold in one of the most promising regions in the known world. With surrounding lands rich in natural resources, the ideas of trading, crafting, protecting, thieving, exploiting, praising and praying, have people travelling from all over for a piece of the action. Now with the giant chasm sealed and vacant land up for grabs, many a merchant & individuals are marking plots of land to call their own.DMs Guild
Scarlet Citadel112Megadungeon. Once a fortress where wizards honed their eldritch craft, the Scarlet Citadel now holds a sinister reputation—and for good reason. The dungeon’s well-trod stairs have seen few return from their journeys below. Now, malevolent creatures spin shadowy webs, enchant foul magics, and summon forth dark gods. But for those brave enough, ancient treasures and secrets still lie scattered everywhere.Kobold Press
Scarred Lands: Dead Man’s Rust110
At the Night of Chronicles in the city of Leoni, the adventurers enjoy a wild revel. Opportunity arises when the aging bard Dradoki Bronzeleaf hires the party to escort him to the Broadreach Horizon. The perilous voyage takes the group through titanspawn infested lands, but should they survive, they arrive at the last bastion of uncorrupted wood in the Hornsaw Forest. There they meet the clans of the Broadreach elves and a century of hollow legionnaires dispatched to the Forest of Blood to offer aid and friendship.

But a dark shadow looms over the accursed wood.
Onyx Path Publishing
Sea King’s Malice110In the murky depths sits a brooding menace, ancient, indescribably evil, and ravenously hungry. Perched on his massive throne, the Sea King dreams of his massive jaws bathing in runnels of fresh land-dweller blood. He dreams of the ecstasy of rending air-breather flesh. His hate-filled dreams suffuse him with visions of presiding over a glorious and bloody feast where his despised enemies — those both above and below the waves — drown in a tide of their own blood, torn apart by his fierce warriors.Frog God Games
Secrets of the Triskelion18Set in Ravnica from Magic: The Gathering.

When a galvanice weird goes berserk in an Izzet Laboratory and begins wreaking havoc on its way out, the evening’s events are brought to a halt. Someone needs to head into the lab, look for survivors, and try to find out what went wrong.
DMs Guild
Seldom Spring112Not plot heavy, loosely connected set of adventures based around the location of Seldom Spring.DMs Guild
Serpent Isle18In a land few have heard of, and fewer still have visited, lies untold adventure, treasure and fame. The renowned Captain Farsail has sent out word that she will undertake an expedition to Serpent Isle, but is in need of a crew. Anyone able to hold a sword or cast a spell is welcome, but be warned, the island is as deadly as it is beautiful.DMs Guild
Sins of Ashton315+When a community becomes isolated in an interdimensional fog, they will have to band together for survival. Were you trapped within the fog? Are you the next brave soul to pass through the fog never to return? Perhaps you are the ones that will free Ashton of its horrifying shackles. Brave the mysterious horrors in this quest to find out why this settlement has vanished!DMs Guild
Skin Deep115For Cthulhu Mythos setting. In Skin Deep, the heroes defend the lands of humanity against the machinations of extra-dimensional doppelgangers known as sand dwellers. The sand dwellers corrupt susceptible mortals, hollowing out their bodies and stealing their skins to take their places. They have infiltrated human governments and militaries and are undermining them, weakening them against the invasion by their warlord-queen, Ravazel the Butcher.Petersen Games
Splinters of Faith113+Visit 11 temples in a massive adventure to halt a death priest and his massing army

Splinters of Faith is a series of 11 linked adventures centered on stopping the return of the dread death-priest Akruel Rathamon and his undead minions. The campaign takes characters across hundreds of miles as they race to different temples to restore the broken scepter of faiths, a powerful weapon that once stopped the warlord. It all starts when some chickens go missing. But this fowl beginning might mean a foul ending for your characters.
Frog God Games
Starfall110Link is to Part 1 of 2. Part 2 is available on Kickstarter.

“Starfall…” A term whispered by only the very few with the knowledge or wisdom to know the significance of that word. In the village of Hyran a team of adventurers begins to celebrate the holiday week of Brewfest, taking a chance to rest from their travels; but the life of an adventurer is rarely ever that simple, and trouble begins in Hyran even before the Lord Mayor’s speech!
Dragon Knight Publishing
Starlight Arcana115KickstarterKelfecil’s Tales
Sunken Isles120Kickstarter. Be thrust into an adventure with a volcanic spirit, an undead dwarven king, a pirate, an ancient native and the forces of the deity itself. Each of these forces immediately sets out with their own plans, and it’s up to you and your players to gather the same amount of forces as they do. You and your players can collect powerful crew members as they sail, make alliances with hidden cultures and get aid from godlike half-immortal beings. In the final days of the isles, a war is waged based on the party’s choices.Ghostfire Gaming
Tales of the Old Margreve110Loosely plotted, based on the location. TALES OF THE OLD MARGREVE takes your 5th Edition game deep into the ancient, magical forest, with new spells, magic items, and wondrous locations, a monster appendix with 13 new foes, and 12 adventures for heroes level 1-10—over 200 pages of adventures and forest secrets!Kobold Press
Temple of Ishassara312The Temple of Ishassara is set on an uncharted island off the sword coast.
The characters are recruited by one of Waterdeep’s most influential individuals- Ruven Venixia for a contract in order to help him chart and investigate a mysterious island.
DMs Guild
The Big Sleep115For Cthulhu Mythos setting. You and your fellow heroes are caught between the religious police and a cabal of hidden cultists. Recruited by the king of Axphain, you must begin to root out the cultists. You discover a network of tunnels converging on the Royal Place, which leads to high-stakes intrigue and investigation. At the King’s masquerade ball, an eldritch horror is unleashed, and the ultimate abomination rises above the city!Petersen Games
The Blight19Warning: This is a very dark setting. Not suitable for children. Requires additional setting materials.

The Blight is a dark place. Children disappear all the time, especially those of the poor, The Harvester of Cribs, one of the city’s strange local gods, is blamed for many of these disappearances. Typically, these disappearances are random, isolated instances, and in many cases, the Harvester has nothing to do with it all, merely being a convenient explanation or alibi for some other nefarious activity. This time, however, 36 children have disappeared from their homes—all in a single night—and many of them were not from the houses of the poor.
Frog God Games
The Case of White Briar Manor110The Case of Whitebriar Manor is a noir-inspired mystery campaign for Dungeon & Dragons 5th Edition. The party must unravel the sinister plots of man and monster alike if they hope to dole out justice to whoever murdered Lester Loom. To do so, the investigators will confront ruthless gangsters, corrupt aristocrats, and immortal beings in an otherwise quiet lumber city in Cormyr.

Everyone works for someone in Everitt Grove, and the pursuit of power is all consuming.
DMs Guild
The Complete Roslof Keep Campaign112Megadungeon. Come join the adventure with this comprehensive 136 page mega-dungeon! Compiling the full Roslof Keep Campaign adventures series from Folio 1-6, as well as supplemental mini-adventures 1.5-6.5 and the Nameless Realms Races supplement, this is a true monster of a dungeon crawl. Written in both 1E AD&D and 5E D&D mechanics, this huge text has been designed to mimic the essence of the classic 1980s ‘Orange Spine’ hardcovers by TSR and has an original cover by iconic artist Jeff Easley.Art of the Genre
The Complete White Ship Campaign112Compiling the full White Ship Campaign adventures series from Folio 14-19, as well as over half a dozen supplemental mini-adventures and the Ports of the Nameless Realms supplement, this is a true monster of a sea-based dungeon and lost island crawl.

Written in both 1E AD&D and 5E D&D mechanics, this huge adventure has been designed to mimic the essence of the classic 1980s ‘Orange Spine’ hardcovers by TSR and has an incredible cover by iconic artist Jeff Easley.
Art of the Genre
The Demonplague120Sandbox Meets Hexcrawl Meets Epic Storyline (Table & VTT Friendly)

Every millennium, a terrible evil trapped in the heart of the Luna Valley awakens to wipe civilization out — and the last awakening happened 1,000 years ago….

This time, if the heroes don’t stop the evil, more than just the Luna Valley will die.
Roleplaying Tips
The Doom Portals120In the Trackless Sea a sunken shrine sparks a war for the Toril’s fate and revenge. Strange objects from ancient Thay emerge in the chaos, leading to a lost tower of god-like power. Who can shut these doomed doors, and who can be trusted when mages go to war?DMs Guild
The Forbidden Caverns of Archaia110+Megadungeon. The lost city of Archaia – an ancient ruin sunken into the earth – lies deep in the badlands. In recent years, caravans from Eastdale have come under attack from orcs, goblins, and worse. Some say these blood-thirsty warbands have made lairs in the deep caves and ruins. Sill others say the ancient halls are filled with magnificent treasures left by the Archaians. Are you brave (or foolish) enough to delve The Forbidden Caverns of Archaia?Greg Gillespie
The High Moors19Hexcrawl. Little is known of the Ieldra – a race of cruel and depraved elves that once ruled the northern tableland called The High Moors – and no one has seen an elf in living memory. Their civilisation is dead, destroyed by an incursion from the Far Realm brought about by their hubris.

The ruins of the High Moors have lain undisturbed for centuries. With news from a successful expedition, people have finally considered the treasures waiting to be discovered in the forgotten north.

A number of expeditions have now been dispatched to bring back magic and riches. Unfortunately, danger, horror and madness awaits most of them.

The High Moors is a freeform sandbox weird fantasy hexcrawl campaign for 5th Edition.
Unsound Methods
The Malady Chronicles115“Deep in each civilization’s roots, there are myths, remedies, and folklore, all revolving around the ailments that affect its people. When each Dungeon Master wants to expand on the details of the societies that unfold before their very eyes, tools that spice up the process become a vital weapon. This supplement will hopefully become one of them, as DMs become inspired by the grim, epic or mundane conditions of the human body and mind.

Do not underestimate diseases. Part of the Dungeon Master’s art is to be able to stir feelings up in their players, and few human conditions could accomplish that better.”
DMs Guild
The Minotaur Trilogy511An incoming orc invasion, and fears that the town guard alone will not be enough to fend off the hoard. The town’s survival sits with a small group of heroes who are now challenged with the task of forging an alliance with a nearby settlement of minotaur.

That challenge is only just beginning however, as the heroes are thrown into the minotaur training arena, let loose with minimal equipment and challenged to survive the traps, skill challenges and confrontations in order to prove their honor and courage.

They will need their wits, out of the box thinking, and smarts to get them through these encounters!

Are you prepared to take the minotaur’s bargain?
DMs Guild
The Oneiric Hinterlands19The Oneiric Hinterlands is a sandbox campaign inspired by fairytales and folklore and set in an enchanted woodland.

Deep in a hollow hill in the ancient Woldwood lies the Dream Gate: a beachhead for a war against reality that never came to pass. Its custodian, Lord Nuada, has disappeared, and now the oneiric energies have begun to warp the very fabric of the world.
Unsound Methods
The Perfumer’s Daughter118When her father goes missing, a young adventurer has no other choice than to gather her friends and head for the city of Loudwater. Soon after she gets swept away in an obscure design threatening to drag the entire region into chaos and war. At the heart of this mystery, lies not only her father, but the long-forgotten history of her once-despised family and a primordial beast influencing events from the shadows, moving her family like pieces on a chess board.DMs Guild
The Plague of Pentapolis117Welcome to Pentapolis, where a wondrous tale of urban adventure is about to unfold. Our story begins with a terrible plague taking hold of the city. The streets are filled with death, the people in confusion, and nothing seems to be helping. Characters are called to aid the city but what starts as a simple mission becomes one that will entangle the characters in a bitter conflict between law, religion, the shady underworld, and ancient powers thought to have been destroyed.DMs Guild
The Red Opera: Last Days of the Warlock120The Red Opera: Last Days of The Warlock is an extensive, player-driven campaign and setting designed for 5th edition. Drawing inspiration from the DiAmorte heavy metal album of the same name, centered upon the oft-overlooked and much-misunderstood class: Warlocks. Does this mean, you wonder, that all its players must be Warlocks and serve infernal and aberrative masters to partake of the story’s wonders? No, no… certainly not. All are welcome in the Shadelands.Apotheosis Studios
The Rookery110Not available as a bundle, yet.

A lost nature preserve has been rediscovered!

Help its new caretaker secure and restore its once glorious Bastion of Rebirth, so examination of the demiplane can begin.
DMs Guild
The Second Black Dawn Saga18The king is missing. Hordes of undead spread across the kingdom like a plague. Outlaws attack and pillage defenseless villages. A party of adventurers is called upon to explore the region and investigate the mysterious disappearance of the king… In this epic adventure, fierce combat alternates with exploration and investigation, in scenes brimming with adrenaline and mystery. Travel through the dangerous lands of a previously unexplored kingdom!DMs Guild
The Undying War113Kickstarter. The Undying War is a 300+ page, full-color hardcover Adventure Path that begins in the lands of New Aenoch and leads the adventurers through a host of encounters, dungeons, towns, castles, abandoned fortresses, and wilderness all filled with danger and intrigue. As the story unfolds the party is slowly drawn into a wider conflict between good and evil, drawn into a conflict with Coburg the Undying and his drive for the ultimate power and more the retrieval of his lost love, the Lady of Garun.Troll Lord Games
Tomb of the Colossus Gods112Join our quest, with the heroes who are set to embark on an epic journey across the desolate Land of Decay, an island where new cults and dark sorcery thrive with the discovery of temples and tombs, beneath its Ashen Desert.

Along their journey, they will encounter terrible adversaries and battle against the Mage Kalastromo who has amassed an army of followers in an attempt to return to the Ageless City and awaken the Colossus Gods.

You must prevent the awakening of the Colossus Gods at all costs!
Lion Banner Games
Trade of Night110The idyllic town of Mosstone is a pastoral trading post for merchants to peddle their wares as their caravans make the stop along the trade road. Other than the daily activities of the townsfolk, nothing ever really happens in Mosstone…. until a bandit army suddenly assaults the village one evening, resulting in a mysterious murder and the theft of a holy relic. The brave adventurers are asked to pursue the thieves and murderers, but what begins as a simple chase escalates into something more as the characters follow the bandits into unknown territory, and stumble into a dark plot which threatens to overshadow the entire realm.DMs Guild
Trails of Fire110The Valley of Ventris is a barren wasteland where only dinosaurs seem to thrive. Because of this, nearby civilizations have always relied greatly on dinosaurs: paladins ride into battle on heavily armored dinosaur steeds, barbarian tribesmen unleash primeval power, and cults of insane druids venerate natural evolution moving backwards.

But what lies at the center of the Valley of Ventris that started all this?
Red Eyed Rabbit
Vengeance of the Shunned115Maghiel Will Have Her Revenge!

When the quiet village of Durgan’s Rest is rocked by a sudden explosion, the heroes discover the foul plot of a power-mad wizard who seeks to steal the might of a titan! Soon, the party is thrust into conflict with Maghiel the Shunned, a veteran of the Titanswar who seeks to rule all of Ghelspad. The shunned Drendali is willing to risk rousing the titans to achieve her aims. Can your adventurers stop her?
Onyx Path Publishing
War of the Burning Sky120Would-be conquerers bring the world to the brink of annihilation, and it is up to the heroes to decide who will rule in the aftermath of the great war – perhaps an ally, perhaps themselves, perhaps even anarchy. They can usher the world into a golden age, or let it be scorched under a rain of fire.EN Publishing
What Lies Beyond Reason18The Guild of Peace and Healing, one of the most trusted institutions in the Eternal City, has been exposed as a corrupt and spent force. The revelations in the depths below the Sanitarium send shockwaves through the governing City Council.

Amongst the discoveries is a powerful protective enchantment that can halt the growing madness, but it requires vast quantities of silver that the Andurian reserves simply don’t have.
Pyromaniac Press
Witches of Pikemaster311The town of Pikemaster needs help. Despite the frequent witch burnings, the problem only seems to get worse: bandits, dragons, goblins, inquisitors, and witches. A lot of witches. Add an aging baron of dubious sanity and his lovely daughter, leaving it up to you to unravel the many threads that will take you far beyond Pikemaster.DMs Guild
Wolf in the Sky18Not available as a bundle, yet.

A hundred generations ago your land lost its name, now it is only known as Abandon. You live in poverty and fear, hounded by a brutal and idle military force known as the Sons of the Wolf. None dare challenge them, none can.
DMs Guild
Yearning to Breathe Free515Combine with WotC’s Waterdeep: Dragon Heist for levels 1-5.

When a prominent Waterdhavian Noble is murdered in what appears to be a ritual designed to empower the Order of the Hellfire Hearth, things grow bleak for the tieflings of Faerûn. In response to the murder, the Lords of Waterdeep begin rounding up and jailing tieflings with no cause. The Order of the Hellfire Hearth does not take the accusation of murder lightly, nor do they respond well to the summary imprisonment and demonization of their tiefling brothers and sisters. This climate of intolerance, bigotry and fear spreads outward through the Sword Coast, for as it is often said, “as goes Waterdeep, so goes the North.”
DMs Guild
Yig Snake Granddaddy115For Cthulhu Mythos setting. Yig Snake Granddaddy is an amazing campaign in which evil serpent folk seek to bring back prehistoric times, complete with pterodactyls, dinosaurs, and other monstrous beings.In Land Out of Time, the first act of four, your player characters adventure into the wilds of Yilan, a primeval wilderness infested with carnivorous slime molds, gigantic crocodiles, and other lost horrors. There they encounter an evil serpent wizard, who prepares for an evil ritual beyond belief.Betrayed, marooned, and hunted by super-intelligent enemies, can the heroes even survive, yet alone prevail?Petersen Games