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    It’s been a while since I last posted. While a lot has been happening, I wanted to highlight one thing on particular. The list of roller derby leagues that used to live in a spreadsheet is now available as a website. Introducing… This will make it easier to find and easier for me to […]

  • Promotion! Part 2

    So the field of eight got whittled down to two candidates.  Next steps… We would have to interview with the CFO (the overarching head of our department) and with some of the managers in the merged department we would be supporting. Once again, I used my time-tested preparation methods.  Clear your head and just go […]

  • Promotion! Part 1

    A few weeks ago a new manager position in my department (Reporting) was announced.  This new manager would be overseeing the Reporting team that would support a new department that was created when two others were merged together.  Being in a support role when two cultures are being merged is never easy.  Lots of shifting […]

  • A-Trak @ The Complex SLC

    First post in almost two years to this blog.  I’m trying turn over a new leaf.  Post more stuff here and just crosspost it to the other places I frequent.  Enough about that… let’s get on with it. Went see A-Trak last Tuesday at The Complex.  What is it with venues in Salt Lake City […]