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  • Update for the Peoples!

    It’s been two weeks since I started working at ye olde online retailer.  Things are going well.  Everyone I work with has been super nice.  My boss is great. These first two weeks have been about learning their database.  I only started to do “real” work late last week.  It’s 100% straight up SQL, no […]

  • Well, this sucks!

    Originally published at Kickin’ the new Kuh-nowledge. You can comment here or there. My sister, Angel, received notice from her employer.  She will not have a job after December 31st. If you know of a company in the Jacksonville, FL area that happens to be hiring…  let me know. Love, –sam

  • Bad News…

    Found out yesterday that my step-mom has lung cancer. It seems her breast cancer has come back with a vengeance, but has now decided to attack her lungs. She has not been given a good prognosis. In fact, she has been given a year with chemotherapy. It’s possible that she could live longer, but it’s […]