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  • The tooth, it hurts!

    Originally published at Kickin’ the new Kuh-nowledge. You can comment here or there. And now, the bad news… While in Salt Lake City my tooth started bothering me. It’s one that has a crown on it, and it started to feel a little loose. I wasn’t sure if the crown was loose or if the […]

  • The IRS Sent Me Letter…

    Originally published at Kickin’ the new Kuh-nowledge. You can comment here or there. The title of this post should be sung to the music of the famous Box Tops song “The Letter”.  Seriously. Got a letter in the mail from the IRS stating that we owe an extra $1000 from our 2006 taxes.  It’s entirely […]

  • On Thanksgiving…

    Originally published at Kickin’ the new Kuh-nowledge. You can comment here or there. I convinced my boss that I didn’t have to drive up to Chicago this week… meaning that I could work from home all week instead of doing my normal weekly commute.  Saves gas.  Saves time.  Saves my sanity. Liz had arranged for […]

  • Auto Insurance Claim…

    I finally, after more than 6 months, called my auto insurance company today to file a claim on my bumper damage. For some reason I had completely forgotten that I had comprehensive and collision coverage. The good news… my car will be pretty again. The bad news… HA! There is no bad news… 🙂 –sam

  • Jerie Barber Scholarship

    In memory of Jerie Barber, a scholarship has been established at the University of Central Florida. It will be awarded to women over 40 who wish to start or return to college. If you are interested… contributions should be made payable and sent to… Jerie Barber Scholarship Fund 232 Wilshire Blvd Casselberry, Florida 32707 For […]

  • Jerie Barber…

    Jerie was 59 when she was suddenly diagnosed with a disease that ravaged her body in a few quick months. Her husband, children, family and friends will miss her. I know this to be true because I witnessed their love for her pour out on Saturday as we all memorialized her life and passing. It […]

  • Little bits of paper…

    I went downtown the other night and was pulled over by the po-po… Two tickets were issued… one for not having my most current insurance card… and one for not having my most current tag decal… You would think that after so many years of doing this stuff I would figure out that keeping these […]

  • Stinky McStink meets Gimpy McGimp… hilarity ensues

    I took my first shower after the surgery today. After much deliberating and gnashing of teeth, I was able to get into the shower and clean my “stank ass” body. When I say stank ass… I mean some serious funk! If you thought getting into the shower was fun… there’s an encore when you try […]

  • Bees Knees, Part the Second

    I made it through my arthroscopic knee surgery this morning. All seems to have gone well. How would I know otherwise… I was knocked out the entire time. Was given a big bottle of Vicodin, but I have yet to feel enough pain that it would require Vicodin. I’m sure I’ll be singing a different […]