Stinky McStink meets Gimpy McGimp… hilarity ensues

I took my first shower after the surgery today. After much deliberating and gnashing of teeth, I was able to get into the shower and clean my “stank ass” body. When I say stank ass… I mean some serious funk!

If you thought getting into the shower was fun… there’s an encore when you try to get out. Thank god for crutches. 😉

Speaking of crutches… I can get around without them for the most part. Progress… Can I get an Amen!?!

2 responses to “Stinky McStink meets Gimpy McGimp… hilarity ensues”

  1. Glad you’re doing well after surgery. Didn’t know you were having surgery but then we don’t talk quite as much as we should 🙂 Needless to say, you’re always in my thoughts.

    Can’t wait for you to go to Thailand! I’m so jealous. You two have to make sure you take lots of pictures for us to see.

    One day I’ll get there…


    PS: I’m sorry to hear about your mother. She was always so sweet to me when we’d come visit. I know how hard it is to experience someone fighting cancer and I wish I could say something that would make things better. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through so if you need to talk please feel free to call. Not sure I would have much advice to give, but I could certainly listen and understand what you’re experiencing.

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