Here’s a list of places I’ve looked since the layoff on Aug 18th.
University of Utah
State and Local governments

At this point, I’ve sent out over 60 resumés. Of those, where do you think I got a response back for an interview?

One from an ad by a small marketing company on Craigslist. One from applying directly to  The vast majority of my resumé sending has been through Dice and Monster. Not one peep from those.

It’s possible that the talent pool is enormous on those sites and therefore you are competing against too many to be noticed. While I think that’s definitely part of the problem. It might actually go a little deeper than that. A lot of the companies on those sites, have opted to outsource some of the HR workload to other companies.

So instead of sending your resumé to someone in charge of HR or to a hiring manager… you get shunted off to another website where you must upload a text only version of your resumé. That text-only resumé is then scoured for keywords… and whoever has the most matching keys gets passed along. All of the qualitative stuff you put down doesn’t matter because no one is actually reading your resumé.

Or maybe that’s just my conspiracy theory brain working overtime.  LOL

In other news…  I have a third interview at that marketing company I noted above today at 2PM.  I then have a second interview at Overstock tomorrow at 2PM. I have a lot of resumés floating around out there. Let’s hope I hear back from a few more very soon. I want to be able to make the best possible decision for my future.