File Under: It Was Bound to Happen

Looks like today the honeymoon is over.  The Metra train from Lombard to Chicago was over an hour late.  In a moment of wisdom, Metra decided not to charge the angry, waiting riders.  Still…  that’s a lot of time to waste at a train stop.  Can someone say suck.

The worst part is that I was supposed to meet a buddy for dinner to celebrate his new job.  Since I didn’t know how long the train would be I called it off.  We rescheduled for next week.

Then my very cool bike decided today to have a weird problem.  The latch that keeps the folded part together while riding decided to loosen.  Fortunately, it stayed together enough for me to get home without much fuss.  I was able to fix the problem when I got home tonight (I hope).  Fingers crossed for the ride tomorrow.

In other news, my boss is nuts.  He’s basically forcing everyone to change offices.  I think it’s his way to keep our minds off the recent layoffs.  I have news for him…  not really working.  And joy of joys… I get to move into a windowless office that is half the size of my current one.  Yay?

And to leave on a positive note…  Here’s some music you might find interesting…

Later Gators!

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