Next Weekend is Made of Awesome

Two things are happening in Shamu’s Bandana (Champaign-Urbana to the uninitiated) next weekend of vital importance to national security to all of you awesome blossoms out there (well, maybe only to the ones that live here, but you get my drift).

  1. The Pygmalion Music Festival. Who knew that Shampoo-Banana had its very own music festival. And the lineup looks pretty awesome!
  2. The Urbana International Beer Tasting & Chili Cookoff. Two great tastes that taste great together? Move over Reese’s it’s time for the two best things in the world to have their very own day! As the young kids say… Oh Hells Yeah! It’s On!

That is all my dear friends. Let that be a lesson to you. Just when you thought the gods of good times have forsaken you… they might just be out planning a kickass weekend just for you.


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