Burma Action!

The situation in Burma is getting heated. Liz and I have been supporters of the opposition movement there for several years now. We both hope something good can come out of the current crisis, but it is far more likely that the military junta will stay in power… unless we can convince our leaders to urge China to action.

Let’s face it. Words from the UN or from anyone that isn’t China won’t mean much to the military junta that “governs” Burma. Call your Senators. Call your Representative. Call the President. Urge them to put pressure on China to use their influence on the military junta to stop the current violence before it escalates to something like the 1988 massacre.

President — (202) 456-1111
Senator Richard Durbin — (202) 224-2152
Senator Barack Obama — (202) 224-2854
Illinois State Representatives — http://www.house.gov/house/MemberWWW_by_State.shtml#il

If you’re not in Illinois, you can look up your Representative here…

And you can look up your Senators here…

Here’s a petition from MoveOn.org to urge Hu Jintao to action… http://pol.moveon.org/burma/o.pl?id=11318-7851556-iT6CBi&t=3

Finally, here is a link to the Campaign for Burma website…

Thanks for listening…

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