Bees Knees, Part the Second

I made it through my arthroscopic knee surgery this morning. All seems to have gone well. How would I know otherwise… I was knocked out the entire time.

Was given a big bottle of Vicodin, but I have yet to feel enough pain that it would require Vicodin. I’m sure I’ll be singing a different tune tomorrow morning when I won’t be able to reach that “big bottle” fast enough.

Talked to my mom today. She sounds cheerful considering the situation. She has her third chemo session tomorrow.

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  1. Thanks… I think I should be able to make it on Sunday. I’m supposed to go to work on Monday so it will be a good test.

  2. Glad there were no complications, even doctors can be stupid sometimes. I wish you a speedy and painless recovery. 🙂

  3. Congrats on making it though surgery!
    It probably won’t hurt that much I don’t even think they gave me pain killers when I had mine.
    If you need any help give me a call.

  4. Even when I had my teeth out, I’m not sure the pain warranted Vicodin. But hey, they were fun.

    I ended up only taking… 6 of them. If that.

    Glad it went well.

    And it is good to hear your mom is sounding cheerful. That is good.

  5. you’ll get used to it for a while but it will make your armpits hurt.

    it sucks but it will be over soon.

    I healed quick, I hope you do too.

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