I’m think about taking some classes at Crealde School of Art in preparation for the M.Arch programs I will be applying to next year.

By the way… here is a preliminary list of programs I’m thinking about…
If in L.A….
Sci-Arc (Southern California Institute of Architecture)
Cal Poly- Pomona (not sure how good this program is)

If in NYC…
with a minor possibility of Yale, if I decide to live in Connecticutt

If in Boston…
BAC (Boston Architectural Center… not sure how good this program is)
Harvard (Highly ranked, doubt I’ll get in, but it never hurts to apply)
M.I.T. (see notes on Harvard)
RISD (Rhode Island School of Design… not sure I want to live in Providence)
another minor possibility of Yale

If in D.C.
U of Maryland
Morgan State (not sure how good the program is)
Catholic Univ of America (not sure about this one either)
U of Virginia (this is a bit far away, but I might be able to commute)
Penn (this also a bit far, but I may be able to commute)

Now… if I could just narrow it down to one city… I’d be set. (but what happens if I can’t get in a program in my desired city? who knows!)

iTunes Music Store for Windows…

Begin Apple Pimping… NOW!

OK… Apple released iTunes for Windows… and iTunes Music Store (iTMS) for Windows today.

I have had the luxury of using the world’s best audio player on my Mac for some time. Now… I can enjoy it on my Windows machine at work. If you don’t believe me… download it and give it a try.

Oh… and if you’re tired of searching Kazaa and other download “services” for music, definitely go for the iTMS. Downloads are $.99 and they can be burned an unlimited number of times. Just make sure that your MP3 player supports the AAC codec.

I’m such an Apple Whore… 😉