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  • What I’ve been up to…

    I’ve been relatively quiet lately…  here’s what I’ve been up to: Working!  I tallied up the total number of vacation days I’ve used this year.  The total was 4.  That’s right, I’ve only had 4 days off of work this whole year.  How sick is that?  Well, I plan on remedying that over the next […]

  • Questions for D&D Minis Championship Interviews

    Originally published at Kickin’ the new Kuh-nowledge. You can comment here or there. Due to some prodding and begging by yours truly (and a little help from my friends), I was able to convince Ian to include me in the reporting crew for D&D Minis at GenCon. In order to be fully prepared for the […]

  • How you can tell if someone has too much time on their hands… honestly, though, I wouldn’t mind having that thing, but yeah… you have to have some insane amount of free time for such a project. At the same time, my brain is already working on ways to create it with even more tricked out equipment… –sam

  • A Little Geek Action… You have been warned!

  • Skyrealms of Jorune…

    Entering “Geek Mode”… Now… I bought Skyrealms of Jorune via ebay… and it arrived at my office today. For those that don’t know Skyrealms was one of the many competitors to Dungeons and Dragons. From the back cover… “150 years from now… Humans impose their will and technology on a distant planet… 3500 years from […]

  • DnD thought…

    What if every race evolved from Orcs? What would the ramifications of that be? Some of that would definitely have to be explained via magic or divine intervention. How would each of the PC races have developed if orcs were the progenitors? Elves… this might be easily explained as some sort of fey-touched orc… that […]