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Took my car to get a checkup today.  Just your normal maintenance.  Was told that I need brakes…  and a battery.  Unfortunately, that will have to wait until I have more money.  At the very least I need to get a second opinion… because you should always do that especially after the prices they quoted me (over $1000 because I need new rotors too…  Gah!).

I miss my old shade tree mechanic ( st_sardonicist knows what I’m talkin’ about).


  • Yuck. And brakes are the things you can’t ignore. And why did you come back from Brazil?

    1. I’m beginning to wonder more and more why I ever came back from Brazil. I was sipping beers on the beach last week. 🙁

      1. You could be sipping beers on the beach in Chicago, you just don’t need a cooler to keep the rest of the six pack cold. ;^)

  • Definitely get a 2nd opinion. Try to find a local shop that has a good rep. If you took it to the dealer they will only use their parts instead of parts made by a 3rd party.