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  • Forms!

    So… I’ve been researching online forms options lately and the three that have risen to the top are Google Forms, Wufoo, and JotForm. Google Forms ( is, of course, just a fancy way to enter data into a Google Spreadsheet. However, it’s compelling is that is entirely free AND the data is already in a […]

  • Just another test…

    This is just another test for converting RSS into e-mail. I hope that this will complete my test of the bloglet tool. While the tool works as advertised… it’s not exactly what I was hoping for. –sam

  • Blogletting…

    Want to automatically update a non-LJ user via e-mail when you update your LJ? Well… here’s how… –sam

  • RSS Rawks!!!

    Using Livejournal as an RSS feed aggregator is just awesome. What you don’t know what RSS means? Well… if you ain’t know… you betta ax somebody.

  • Phone Post:

      This is just a test… please disregard… –sam