8 thoughts on “Phone Post:”

  1. “Those things will just boff anything, at any time, for any reason, gender be damned. It’s like being at teh Playboy Mansion, only with less shaving. ”
    “And most often it’s in situations that provoke anxiety and typically violent brinksmanship in other species, such as when a large food source is discovered. Other primates (gumans included) may bear fangs, scream, and beat each other up, but bonobos 69 until someone says “Fine, you take the bannana! Just get your face out of my crotch! Can’t I go one minute without someone diving at my privates?””

  2. Ah… to be Bonobo… Isn’t the Lunar Empire basically just a bunch of Bonobos?

  3. Awww… isn’t that sweet. The poor dear wanted to hear his master’s voice…

    **pictures with head cocked next to the Victrola**

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