Tara weighed in at 26.4 lbs at the vet this week when we had our second round of boosters. We’ve posted some 16 & 17 week photos. Enjoy!

Here is my “Five Things To Love About Tara”

1. Her eyes — Each day her eyes seem to look more and more like Cadi’s (Cadi is her mom). And I have to say Cadi has the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen on a berner.
2. She doesn’t lick our face, but she does do this adorable thing where she “noses” us very gently with her soft wet nose. It’s too sweet for words. Is that a ‘berner thing?’
3. Her hair — I love her fuzzy puppy hair, and right now she is developing some 1920’s flapper-style waves on her back. I love it! I’ve seen the afro that eventually shows up on the older pups and I cannot wait for that phase!
4. Her big beautiful paws — I love to touch them, although I admit I am just partial to paws in general. But her paws are so big and soft and many of them still pink. And I love how big they are in proportion to the rest of her skinny body.
5. Her blaze — It’s like a lightning bolt, and right now I’m reading Harry Potter and love the character Rogue from the X-Men, and she totally reminds me of them and their magical powers. Maybe we should change her name to Rogue . . . Hmmm. 🙂

Ok, I couldn’t write just five, so here’s a few more . . .

6. Her personality — Tara is sweet and also smart and has a strong personality. She is definitely carving out a unique space for herself within our family and really teaching us how to be big dog owners.
7. Tara has a zest for life and is always willing to try new things, new environments, and meeting new people. I know she might go through a fear stage at some point, but right now she is rearing to go at all times! She’s even willing to try peeing in icy rain . . . 🙂
8. She makes us laugh out loud, a lot! She still has a bit of a clumsy puppy walk and gets really exhuberant about her recall and just today Sam called “Tara come!” and she was standing in front of the couch and he was sitting at his desk behind the couch. And instead of going around the couch she got so excited she went over the couch (although did not jump off the back) and got right up next to him.
9. Tara loves to sleep with all four paws in the air, and it is hysterical. She is really into comfort, and she doesn’t mind getting into whatever position gleans the most comfort no matter what it looks like.