This weekend Tara went to the dog park for the very first time! Her and Kiko had a blast, she played and played and played with just about every dog in the park. Kiko found another little pug named Maya to play with! What we’ve realized about Kiko, is that he is like the “doorman” to the club, at the dog park. He loves to hang out by the gate, check out and greet the new dogs as they come in, and then keep the line moving! Kiko does not like to hang out with any one dog for very long, just enough for a proper greeting and then he wants them to move on. Ahh, Kiko, always makes us laugh and smile!

Here are some shots of Tara and Kiko at the park, and also some of Tara snuggling with Kiko on the bear chair that night after the dog park (passed out!). Enjoy