Seven years ago Sam and I set out on a hunt for pug breeders in central Florida, where we lived at the time. At that time the internet was not much of an accessible route to find information about dog breeds or breeders, so we did things the old fashioned way — we called people on the phone. We went through the Florida pug association and rescue and talked to several people about pugs before we got to a breeder near Gainesville named Glinda Weathers. Glinda had a reputation in the pug breeding circles for breeding healthy and beautiful pugs, and I remember talking with her on the phone for almost two hours the first time we spoke. It felt like a good connection, and I asked some questions about health, the parents of the litter, and temperament. Of course at that time I did not know all of the things that I know now to ask a breeder, but I thought I was doing pretty well and was proud of myself for asking about eye problems and breathing problems! I felt like a pro then, but looking back I know I was such a novice at this stuff. So, we thought Glinda was a good choice for us, and she had come recommended by several others in the state pug clubs.

Kiko was born on June 21st, 2001, and he came to us at 12 weeks old. Glinda kept all her puppies for 12 weeks and actually began potty training and crate training them before they went to their new homes. I remember her also saying it was important for her to get 2 rounds of shots in before sending them off to their new homes. I got to meet baby Kiko once when he was around 7-8 weeks old and then drove back up towards Glinda’s place to pick him up at 12 weeks. Oh god he was SO adorable. Baby Kiko was the most adorable pug puppy I’ve ever seen!! Now I know that Sam and I are a bit biased, but we would get stopped regularly by other people who would “ooh” and “ahh” over him. He was so little at 12 weeks that I used to carry him on my arm into stores and he would just sleep there the whole time I would shop. Sam and I bought a baby sling for him and he would ride in that, too. Although we got many looks from human baby parents when they saw that in our sling was a puppy and not a baby.

As soon as Kiko was able to, we joined a local pug play group called “Pug Central” and began attending the local “Pug Parties” in town. Kiko was an instant hit at the parties, and as soon as he would come into the room of 30 or so pugs, they would all swarm him and chase him around the room, which he just loved!! Those parties were hysterical, because there would be about an hour and a half of snorting, sneezing, chasing, running, climbing, playing, and other crazy pug activities and then all of a sudden just about every pug in the party would pass out and then you knew the party was “over” and everyone would take their sleepy pug home. Kiko would always sleep for about a day after one of his pug parties, they were great!

After about a year with Kiko we had an opportunity to adopt a great rescue pug named Mr. Bentley, and you can read the previous post for Bentley’s story. As Sam has written, Bentley came into our lives like a “tornado,” and him and Kiko were partners in crime for about six years. I think Kiko has missed Bentley and has been lonely since his passing, as I notice he craves a lot more attention and wants to be near us much more often than before, when he could just cuddle with Mr. B.

I am posting a picture of Kiko on the page from when he was a little guy, I think less than a year old . . . Enjoy!