Pinky Tuscadero

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I’ve been having some problems with my bike lately.  My commute to work has been great, but the downside is that I fold and unfold the bike several times a day.  My current bike, a Giant Halfway, wasn’t really designed for this type of abuse.  It’s more of a keep in the trunk of your car and ride occasionally kind of bike.

The hinge on my current bike is starting to fail.  Basically, it will work itself loose every now and then.  I was on the sidewalk the first time it happened.  No injuries…  just embarassment.  It’s happened a couple of other times since.  I have a new hinge on order, but the issue goes beyond that…  while the bike is a snap to fold and unfold, it simply wasn’t designed to have that action performed multiple times per day.  A new hinge will just yield the same result eventually.

I started researching and searching for a new folding bike.  Most of the searching was done online, but I also made it out to a couple of different stores to test ride some bikes too.  I tested Dahons, a Brompton, a Bike Friday and a Birdy.  I thought about the Xootr Swift and the Strida.  For a moment there, I even considered going back to my car.

At some point I passed the threshold from researching, to actually shopping.  I started scouring eBay and Craigslist for a good deal.  I found several, but either I didn’t win the auction (eBay)… or the seller wasn’t willing to ship the bike (Craigslist).  One of the folks I contacted via Craigslist in Eugene, OR got back to me a week ago.  He hadn’t had any luck selling his Bike Friday Tikit locally, and wanted to know if I was still interested.  We agreed on a shipping price, and the bike was sent out to me on Tuesday.

It arrived yesterday.  Here are the pictures to prove it…

Whats in the box?

What's in the box?

Getting Warmer?

Getting Warmer?

That Cant Possibly Be a Pink Bike?

That Can't Possibly Be a Pink Bike?

Presenting Pinky Tuscadero!

Presenting Pinky Tuscadero!

Oil Is for Sissies!

Oil Is for Sissies!

Showing Off My Bling!

Showing Off My Bling!

Most likely, the Oil is for Sissies is going to be removed or replaced.  If you have a better slogan for Pinky, please let me know.  So far I’ve heard…  “Real Men Love Pink”, “Pink Panther”, and of course, “Pinky Tuscadero”.  I’ve also had some vulgar ones that I won’t repeat here because my dad reads this.  ;-)

Interesting tidbit on the name Pinky Tuscadero…  it appears that Happy Days has been out of syndication so long that people under 30 do not generally get the reference.  I’ve said it in mixed groups of people.  The under 30’s look puzzled, the over 30’s groan.  LOL

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  1. Ooh, here we go:

    “‘Big Pink.’ It’s the only gum with the breath-freshening power of ham.”

    “And it pinkens your teeth as you chew.”

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