This is just a reminder that if you didn’t get a chance to vote early…  you should exercise your right to vote on Tuesday, November 4th.  I won’t tell you how you should vote, but I will tell you how I voted.

I voted for Senator Barack Obama for President of the United States of America.  He wasn’t my first choice, but I’ve come to believe that Obama not only has what it takes to be President, he is smart enough to surround himself with people that actually know how to run a government.

As for John McCain…  there was a time when I respected him for more than the sacrifices he made for this country.  This campaign has revealed him to be a poor choice for President.  I still respect him, but I couldn’t vote for him.  Oh…  you thought I wasn’t going to mention Sarah Palin?  I believe she has proven herself to be unfit for any position outside of Alaska politics (and even that’s a stretch).

For the last couple of weeks, Liz and I have hosted calling parties to help mobilize Obama supporters in key swing states.  In 2004, I did a lot more for Kerry than I have done for Obama.  I wish I could have done even more both in 2004 and this year.  If you haven’t done much of anything thus far during this election cycle, please consider doing something… anything that might help:

  • If you haven’t already given money to the Obama campaign, please consider doing so.  Even $5 is helpful.
  • If you haven’t considered doing some phonebanking or canvassing, again, please consider doing so.  Getting one more person to vote… just one… can make a difference.
  • If you have some free time on Tuesday, November 4th, please consider volunteering your time and your car to help drive people to the polls.  Again… even one extra vote can make a difference.

You can find out about opportunities for donating, phonebanking and volunteering at  But even if you can’t do any of that…  do the one thing that everyone can:  VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!