Insert Pithy Title Combining Pitchfork and Thailand HERE…

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A couple of things…

First, today is my birthday… and my present to myself is the Pitchfork Music Festival which happens this weekend.  Gus is coming down from Minneapolis.  We’re manly men, staying at a bed and breakfast.  That’s right.  If you don’t start something, there won’t be something.  Expect a report on this next week.

Second, notice that I didn’t mention awesome wife Liz in that first part.  Why?  Because she’s the luckiest wife EVAR.  She left for Thailand today.  She’ll be gone for a few weeks at some “training”…  but we all know that she’s really going there to have fun.

In other news…  commuting by bike in 90 degree weather, not as cool (no pun intended) as I thought it would be.  My friends…  baby wipes, what every adult man wants to rub all over his body when he gets to work in the morning.  Haven’t you heard?  It’s the new black.

In other, other news…  I think I pulled or strained a muscle in my arm.  Does anyone have any recommendations for what I can do for it?  Should I go to a doctor and get something?  Or should I pamper myself and get a massage (will that even help it)?

In even more news…  Work is trying to crush my soul.  Who knew having your soul crushed paid so well?

Finally, I have come to a decision.  I need to sell all the collectible crap that is clogging up my house and never sees the light of day.  I figure I can turn a few grand.   Who couldn’t use a few grand?  I know I could;  especially when we go visit my dad in Brazil.  Have you seen those plane tickets.  Outrageous!


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    • She’ll mostly be in Chiang Mai. She’s been a few times, and I went once. It’s really awesome! 🙂


  1. About the only thing you can do for a pulled/strained muscle is to make sure you don’t USE it. It needs time to repair and be relaxed. If it’s very painful, seeing a doc to confirm is all you can do. They will basically put you in a sling and tell you to take it easy for (up to) a few weeks. They might give you muscle relaxers/pain killers, depending on the doc.

    Kind of like a broken little toe. “Yep, it’s broken.” “Gee, I hadn’t realized…” Then they tape it to the next toe over and wish you luck.

    • Thanks. Fortunately for me, my arm feels better today… so it must have sorted itself out in my sleep.


      • Wow, I’m jealous of so many things. I met with one of my profs yesterday who is also going to Pitchfork; it sounds super fun and an awesome birthday present!

        Also, I want to go to Thailand soooooo bad, so I am super jealous of Liz. I’ve never been but I’ve been wanting to go since I graduated college. Did I mention how jealous I am?

        • Thailand is awesome. I highly recommend it. It’s a beautiful place and if you go, book a day or two for Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Simply amazing.


  2. Happy Birthday! Sorry I am a day late, off on travels myself. Pitchfork looks great. Fleet Foxes followed by Vampire weekend, how can you miss? I hope your Birthweekend goes well.

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