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I bought Skyrealms of Jorune via ebay… and it arrived at my office today. For those that don’t know Skyrealms was one of the many competitors to Dungeons and Dragons.

From the back cover… “150 years from now… Humans impose their will and technology on a distant planet… 3500 years from now… Man’s rule is ancient history, Earth only a shadowy myth. Humans and other intelligent races survive using technologies and tools of other times and other cultures. Their own inspiring past eagerly awaits discovery beneath millenia of war and regrowth. 3500 years from now is your time on Jorune.”

Anyway… I remember seeing it on the shelves of various gaming stores when I was young. It always featured the best artwork I had ever seen for a gaming product. Amazing stuff. I got to thinking about it after reading about a new gaming product by Monte Cook… Arcana Unearthed. There are a few similarities between the two gaming products, and since I never actually owned Jorune I thought it might be time to buy it and see how similar they might actually be. Besides… it might be a fun exercise to convert Jorune to the d20 system… just for kicks. ๐Ÿ™‚


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  1. Je agree… :p

    The artwork is just as good as I remember it… and it is, in fact, similar to Arcana Unearthed. It has giants, and cat men, and wolf men, and other assorted races and creatures. ๐Ÿ™‚


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