“High Speed” Internet…

I don’t have cable TV, but I do have a landline phone so instead of cable internet, I have DSL. Well, lately it’s been dog-ass slow. And today I decided to check the speed out. We were cruising at a miserly 300kbps. Which, yes, is a lot faster than a modem, but it ain’t no high speed internet.

I decided to test a few more times and the best speed I got was a still an anemic 326kbps. Armed with this information I decided to call AT&T and give them what for about the lack of speed. Sadly, I was not able to give them what for… they found the problem and fixed it. I now am cruising at 1Mbps.

Wouldn’t it be nice if all computer related problems were that easy to fix? Wait… hold that thought. Erase it from your mind. My financial well-being depends on the complexity of these things. 😉



I don’t usually advertise websites, but I found this site (Woot!) interesting. It’s an e-commerce site of sorts. The catch? They only offer one product for sale each day. The product is usually heavily discounted. They don’t reveal a new product until midnight every night.

Anyway, sounds like a neat idea. Here’s the link…



Of Burfdays and Pitchforks

It was a pleasant surprise when Gus (and Alexis) contacted me some months ago about getting and I tickets to the Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago. We planned on having a grand weekend together of music, fun and awesome!

Well, the reality was music, fun, awesome and tired. It was great to see Gus and Alexis again. The Pitchfork Music Festival was a great gift, and I highly recommend it to anyone that might be heading toward Chicago next summer.

Highlights of the show for me were:

The schedule is killing me… (slowly)

I thought I was tough (I coulda’ been a contender?) I thought I could take a lot of shit, and it appears that I can take a lot, but my one year anniversary in Illinois is fast approaching, and it hasn’t gotten any easier.

I must say the whole commute to Chicago every week is slowly draining me. Even with working from home two days out of the week, I’m not sure it’ll be enough for the long haul. I think I can continue like this for maybe another year at best. After that, who knows.

Eventually, the schedule is going to go insane, if I go through with plans on getting a Masters degree. I think my poor brain will explode. Right now, I’m pretty much a zombie on weekends. Sure, I do stuff, but if I let my zombie brain take over, I would be sitting, doing nothing most of the day. It’s bad enough with having internet access, I can’t imagine how I would be with a TV (yes, that’s right we don’t have a TV… well, we do, but it’s not hooked up… it’s still in the box, down in the basement. it’s complicated).

So… for any of you out there with crazy schedules where you split your week between home and some other place… what do you do to keep your energy up? Right now I do recreational activities like board games, rpgs, etc. Basically stuff that I can do with other people, that allows me to relax and have fun. I would go out to dance (cuz you know I love it so damn much), but the dance music around here lies somewhere between bad and suck.

Later gang… back to work…

Quick Review: Queen & Country

Finally had an opportunity to sit and read Queen & Country: Operation: Broken Ground, a modern spy comic book series by Greg Rucka and Steve Rolston. Greg Rucka is a fantastic writer that made his debut with the thriller mini-series, Whiteout. Rolston is a bit of an odd choice for this story. His clean lines and anime-esque inking is an uneasy fit for the topic at hand. Eventually you settle in, and realize that his characterization is top notch and his storytelling instincts are spot on.

Queen & Country’s main character is Tara Chace an agent in Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service. First things first… this isn’t James Bond. The story is much closer to the ground than that. The story is rooted in a modern world with modern sensibilities and more shades of gray than a black and white TV. In our first scenes we see Tara assassinate a Russian mobster. An event that has series of unexpected and unhappy consequences.

This first part of the series, Operation: Broken Ground, has me wondering what the hell I’ve been waiting for. I’ll definitely be picking up the rest as soon as I get a chance.


Good Luck and Good Reading!

LA GUNS! Tonight!

There is probably only one person on my friends list that will appreciate this… but L.A. Guns is playing tonight… right here in Shampoo-Banana! LOL



p.s. And no, I won’t be going… I’ll be drinking around the corner at the Blind Pig instead.

Easter Carols?

I had the oddest experience this evening. Heard the doorbell ring, and went to check who it was…

Wouldn’t you know, it was a bunch of Easter Carolers. In a former life, I went to church twice on Sunday, once on Wednesday, and did Tuesday night visitation… and I’ve never heard of Easter Caroling.

After the singing was done, one of the carolers came up and gave me some literature about the church… They were Mormons… maybe this is a little known Mormon tradition?

Anyway… Happy Easter!


O-Town! Wassup!

Hi gang,
Liz and I are in Orlando for a few days. I’m working, but that shoudn’t deter me from having fun. Sounds like we’ll be going to Back Booth tomorrow night to see some cool and interesting local bands (I know… cool, interesting local bands in Orlando? Whoda thunkit!?)

Friday night appears to be a night on the town… with a long stop at Independent Bar (Barbarella, for you folks no longer in O-Town).

Saturday, is special Liz and Sam hangout together in O-Town Day… but Saturday night is drunken debauchery night to the max.

Sunday is get on the plane so we can get to Indianapolis in time for the Zack Galifanakis (sp?) show.

If you would like to join us for any of these activities, please give me a ring… two one seven – seven seven eight – four one four zero… or just e-mail me.

Special message to Shayan… the bands Thursday night sound like they would be right up your alley. I’ll give you a call tonight. 😀