Note to Self…

Today was my big test of the train version of my commute. Here’s what I learned.

  • 5:00 AM is really friggin’ early. REALLY!
  • It may be better if I check my bike as luggage on Amtrak.
  • Waiting 1.5 hours for Metra sucks balls.
  • Once I finally figured out the trick to carrying my bike, it’s really awesome. Without the trick, it would have been a worse day.
  • People ask a lot of questions about the bike. And many, many more people just stare at me.
  • I am really out of shape. I have many aches and pains this morning. I am definitely closer to 40.
  • I may be better off bringing a change of clothes instead of riding in my work clothes. Pants got a little dirty today when I carried the bike. Might not be an issue now that I know the trick.
  • Arriving at work at 11:40 is really not acceptable. There are three options available to me.
    1. Leave home on Monday night, instead of Tuesday morning. Not my preference as it would mean one less night at home.
    2. Boss would need to compromise and just let me come in at 11:40 on Tuesdays. Again not ideal as that’s not the level of service I would want to provide.
    3. Boss would need to compromise and just let me work from the downtown office on Tuesdays. This is the best, most reasonable option. My guess is that it will be liking pull teeth to get it.
  • Finally… Do NOT forget the book you want to read. Do NOT forget your iPod. And even more importantly… do NOT forget your headphones. GAH!

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