Half Empty FTW

Well, it appears that there is something wrong with Kiko’s liver.  Liz is taking him in tomorrow to get some blood drawn and then Thursday Kiko gets a liver biopsy.

Basically, It’s not looking good for Kiko.  It could be something bad or it could be something really bad.  Anyway you slice it… it’s bad.

In other news…  we showed the room to another potential tenant/roommate.  Right after she walked in the door, Bentley started screaming like a baby that hadn’t seen a teat in weeks.  Liz went to check on him, picked him up and he promptly pooped on her.  Not exactly the best way to introduce a potential roommate to your dogs.  The potential roommate had an amazing look of shock on her face as I tried to continue the tour as if nothing at all had just happened.  Sometimes you gotta laugh at life.

This just in…  Chinese grad student sounds very interested in the room.  We may have a winner… especially since he’s thinking about moving in around May instead of August like the other potential folks.


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