A Weekend of DDM

Spent the weekend playing D&D Minis in two different towns named Bloomington. Saturday I played in Desert of Desolation Pre-Release tournament in Bloomington, IN. Today, I played another pre-release tournament in Bloomington, IL. And then I played some straight up D&D. Now… that’s a good weekend while the wife is off in Florida. 🙂

In other news… I found this very good Madonna vs. Bronski Beat mashup. Enjoy. 🙂

4 thoughts on “A Weekend of DDM”

  1. Good job, you made up for me not showing at Apex. The wife and I enjoyed a weekend in Durham, while the boy was taking a course at Dukes TIP program (young scholars program). They offer six or so classes two weekends a semester and kids can learn in a University environment. We went to the parent debrief and there was a lady teaching anatomy that was so enthusiastic that her class had to be great (even if it was dissecting fetal pigs). The boy learned about dystopian literature, using the Watchmen as a basis of discussion. His teachers were grad students in Shakespearean and Romantic Age literature. I think this was a good introduction to literary criticism. They used Scott McCloud’s making comics as reference for graphic novel analysis. (Maybe dad wanted to take the course too). My wife and I went to our favorite places in Durham, Chapel Hill and Raleigh (and looked at dish washers, oh so romantic).

    Now the boy and I have to figure how to get our DoD figures. I think this calls for an Auggies order.

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