Saw an article on this in my newspaper…

I am intrigued. I already pay for Yahoo Mail. The only problem with switching would be changing all of my subscriptions and whatnot, but wouldn’t it be worth it if zoemail works as advertised?



  • Have you found it’s worth it to pay for Yahoo? I’ve considered doing that, if only because I’d like to be able to set up Eudora to snag my Yahoo mail.

  • I’ve found it’s worth it just for the extra storage space (I’m currently at 85% of my 25MB of space).

    I sold my personal computer (an old PowerMac) a while ago so my work computer (a laptop provided by my employer) has to handle everything. Since I don’t like to use non-work related e-mail on my work machine, I started using Yahoo Mail more heavily.

    I’ve found that it works really well at filtering spam into its bulk mail folder, but I still have to browse that folder every day just to check it didn’t goof up on something (which it is wont to do on occasion).

    Before I sold my personal computer, I used the POP3 access on the Yahoo account to download my e-mail to my personal machine. It worked really well and I do miss reading e-mail in a proper e-mail client. By the end of the year I should have my new PowerMac and all will be well again. 🙂


  • I pay for Yahoo too-which allows me to download it (along with all of my other email accounts) into Outlook via POP (with no ads). Unfortunately, Zoemail doesn’t offer the POP option-though they say it will in future releases. I’ll have to wait until then to switch-but it is tempting…

    Kelly W
    formerly Kelly O