Went to the Modest Mouse show tonight. I’m not a huge fan of the band, but Liz and a bunch of emo kids seem to really dig their sound. The highlight of the night was seeing the fiddle player from the bluegrass band The Hackensaw Boys join Modest Mouse for a few numbers. 🙂

Odd sighting… I thought I saw an ex-girlfriend, Emily, there. I don’t think it was her, but the girl I saw could have been her sister or cousin. Anyway, it made me do a triple take. It might have been her… who knows. I certainly didn’t ask.


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  1. Why is everyone always hating on the emo kids? =P

    That was at The Social, right? I went to a show there on Thursday. It was awesome…same type of music. Aren’t they playing there like three straight nights in a row? Yikes

  2. I’m not hating on the emo kids. Though I do find it funny how they all seem to dress alike. It’s the same thing I found funny about goth kids, and punk kids, and metal kids, and raver kids when I was growing up.

    I mean… I listened to the same music, but I dressed in my own way. I didn’t actively try to mimic someone else… well, there was that unfortunate stretch of time that I wore dickies overalls constantly. ;D


  3. Haha yeah, I was just teasing you both. I agree with you, I just tend to seperate emo kids(just people who listen to emo) with scenesters(the type of people you were refering to). Not that I’m saying my way of labeling them is the high and mighty word of the land, just the way I tend to look at it. =)

    Though a lot of people seem to have a lot of pent up anger against emo just in general, and it’s sort of amusing. It’s like they think that their whiny music is better than my whiny music, and that makes them better in some way. Because let’s face it, every genre of music can be whiny. Except maybe death metal.

  4. electronic music tends toward non-whiny. which reminds me… I really need to get the latest from Roni Size…

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