10 thoughts on “Make it stop… PLEASE… Make it stop!!!”

  1. Isn’t it obvious?

    All the flowers are in San Francisco–worn in the hair of the hippies going there.

  2. Ah… but that doesn’t explain why I awoke with both songs in my head. Though they are not currently at the forefront of my thoughts I can still feel them in the background fighting it out for supremacy.

    What’s really odd is that I haven’t heard either song in a really long time…

    The brain is an amazing instrument. It dredges the mud of your past so effectively that thoughts, connections, ideas and insanity come to the surface unbidden like so many worn out tires and rusted beer cans. Every once in a while it finds a Spanish galleon filled with crud encrusted treasures. Today is more beer can than treasure.

  3. *sings*

    Where have all the flowers gone
    Long time passing…
    Where have all the flowers gone
    A long long time ago….

  4. Yeah… it’s a pretty song… but not when it’s stuck in your head in an infinite loop while battling “San Francisco”, which is also on infinite loop…

    An “Art of Noise” song started filtering both of the songs out a little bit, but the hippie songs came roaring back. Quite impressive actually… I didn’t know hippie songs were so powerful before lunch time. 😀


  5. *looked at the San Fran page…*

    There are STORM TROOPERS scouting San Fran?!

  6. You must not watch the news very often. I thought everyone knew that imperial forces had taken over california. I believe Darth Arnold is leading them.


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