The Test

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Tomorrow I embark on an epic journey.  Instead of driving to Chicago, I’ll be taking the train.  This is a big deal for me.  I’ll be adding a ton of extra time to my commute, but I’ll be saving quite a bit of coin.  I’m testing it out this week to see if it will be something I can do regularly.

Here’s what my train commute will look like tomorrow…

Amtrak to Chicago…  Depart 6:10 AM
Metra to Lombard…  Depart 10:40 AM
Bicycle to the Office…  Depart 11:20 AM
Arrive at Office around 11:40 AM

My current car-based commute is a bit shorter.  I usually leave around 8:00 AM and arrive around 10:30 AM. So my commute will go from 2.5 hours to 5.5 hours.  Yikes!  At least I only have to do that once a week.  On the way back, the commute will actually be a lot less…  more like 3.5 hours.  Another positive is that I get to see if my folding bike is good enough for this kind of travel.

Here’s to hoping there are no delays tomorrow.