Awake in Waitsfield

Well… I’m in Waitsfield, Vermont for the week. I’m here to attend a Home Design course at Yestermorrow.

It was cold as a witch’s tit last night… well compared to balmy Florida, anyway. Truth be told it was only in the 40’s, but coming from 90 degree weather it’s a real shock to the system. I’m not sure if it was the cold, but I awoke today with no back pain for the first time in weeks.

An interesting tidbit… I flew into Burlington, and had to take a cab into Waitsfield… cost was $80 for the cab ride. Ouch! My cabbie was Tibetan. His family escaped into India when the Chinese took over Tibet. The U.S. government allowed his family to repatriate to the U.S… and they ended up in Vermont. His demeanor and stories made the $80 cab ride worth every penny. From now on Vermont will be, as he put it, “Little Tibet”.